“MIZUKI” 1976y Mini Cooper Powered by Suzuki Hayabusa

“MIZUKI” 1976y Mini Cooper Powered by Suzuki Hayabusa

Builder: FNG WORKS
Body shell: 1976 Mini Cooper
Engine: 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

Subframe: Replaced and reinforced with tubular spaceframe structure
Wheels: 13″ steelies with 10″ wide slick tyre
Axle: Modified Perodua Rusa axle
Drivetrain: Chain driven
Brakes: Modified Honda EG9 unit
Suspension: Ladder bar suspension with D2 Motorsport Hi Lo Soft Hard adjustable coilover+absorber

Interior: Stripped
Seat: Custom made by Saidi Racing Fabrications
Steering wheel: Original
Pedal box: Modified

Subframe: Original
Wheels: 12″ steelies
Suspension: Original
Brakes: Original disc brakes
Petrol tank: Mooneyes unit



So Rad Style Mini Rod.
Hope to see with complete exterior work & kustom paint work at AOS2021 as Art of Speed 10th Anniversary!!


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